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Magic Sing


large product photo   Magic Sing EG-18000 Nyhet 2008

Den nya Enter Tech EG-1800 är här!

För närvarande är den en beställnings vara ca 14 dagars leveranstid!

  • 2 års garanti
  • Kontakta ossom du vill veta mer eller beställa!
  • Frakt och postförskott tillkommer med 120:- Hämtpris Malmö 4650:-







Special Features

- 900 Songs as standard:
- Lyrics appear on your TV screen
- Photographic scenery displayed on TV
- Echo, Key and Volume Control
- Song reservation, Score in real time, Random play
- New feature: Search for a song by Title or Artist
- Music Contest, Musical Instrument, Voice change
- Up to 4 extra Song Chips can be stored internally
- Built in Recording Function - Record a single song up to 8 minutes long

- External Video Input - Transmit pictures from an external device to a TV screen

Singing Tutor: On screen lyrics are colour coded to guide you. If the scoring is set to “Amateur” then lyrics will be coloured Green or Black. Setting the scoring to “Professional” and “Star Singer” also includes the colour coding for voice pitch.
- Green : Too quiet, or not in time with the Lyrics.
- Blue : voice pitch is too Low.
- Red : voice pitch is too High.
- Black : on key and in time.

- Two wireless microphones (requires AA batteries which are supplied)
- Remote Control (AAA batteries supplied)
- 2 Inbuilt Strategy Games

- Optional: 50 minute Recording pack.
- Optional: USB Upload/Download Manager (only with 50 Min Recording pack).
Note: USB software is Windows XP/2000 compatible. Not yet Windows Vista compatible, new version coming in 2008.
- Optional: Large selection of English and non English Song Chips available